Electronics and Circuit Analysis Study Guide

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Electronics and Circuit Analysis Study Guide Book CoverDownload or Read Online Electronics and Circuit Analysis Study Guide - MobileReference free eBooks (PDF, ePub, Mobi), Table of Contents:
i. Introduction: Foreword | Symbols used in Electronics

ii. Signal Transforms: Fourier analysis | Fourier series | Fourier transform | Discrete Fourier transform | A derivation of the discrete Fourier transform | Discrete-time Fourier transform | Gibbs phenomenon | Laplace transform | Two-sided Laplace transform | Z-transform | Transfer function

I. Electronic Components

1. Passive components: Fuse | Capacitors | Inductors | Magnetic amplifier | Crystal Oscillator | Polyswitch | Resistors | Varistor | Transformer | Switch

2. Active solid-state components: Semiconductor devices | Semiconductor materials | Diodes | Transistors | DIAC - Diode for Alternating Current | TRIAC - TRIode for Alternating Current | Power Supplies | Frequency changer 

3. Active thermionic components: Vacuum tube | Cathode ray tube | Klystron | Magnetron

4. Display devices: Cathode ray tube | Liquid crystal display | Light-emitting diode | Nixie tube

5. Electromechanical sensors and actuators: Microphone | Loudspeaker | Strain gauge | Switch

6. Thermoelectric devices: Thermoelectric effect | Thermistor | Thermocouple | Thermopile | Peltier cooler

7. Photoelectric devices: Photomultiplier tube | Light-dependent resistor | Photodiode | Photovoltaic cell (solar cell) 

8. Antennas: Radio antenna | Elemental dipole | Biconical | Yagi | Log-periodic antenna | Phased array | Magnetic dipole (loop) | Parabolic dish | Feedhorn | Waveguide

9. Interconnecting electronic components: Electrical connectors, plugs and sockets | Printed circuit boards | Point-to-point construction | Wire-wrap | Breadboard

II. Analog Circuits

10. Circuit Analysis: Introduction | Symbols used in Electronics | Kirchhoff's current law | Ohm's Law | Circuit diagram | Charge and Coulomb's Law | Coulomb's Law | Cell | DC Voltage and Current | Nodal Analysis | Mesh Analysis | Thevenin and Norton Equivalents | Norton's Theorem | Thévenin's Theorem | Superposition | DC Circuit Analysis | Noise in electronic circuits | Diagnostic Equipment | SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis) 

11. Analysis of Resistive Circuits: Series and parallel circuits | Wheatstone bridge | Y-Delta transform | Voltage divider | Current divider | Combining impedances

12. AC Circuits: Alternating current | AC Voltage and Current | Phasors | Impedance | RC Circuits | RCL Circuits:RCL frequency domain | RCL time domain simple | RCL time domain Example

13. Benefits and Design: Benefits | Circuit design

14. Amplifiers: Multi-stage transistor amplifiers | Electronic amplifier | Operational amplifiers | Example | Applications: Comparator | Instrumentation amplifier | Schmitt trigger | Multivibrator | Inductance gyrator | Negative impedance converter | Precision rectifier | Analog multipliers

15. Switching amplifier: Pulse-width modulation (PWM) | Pulse-amplitude modulation (PAM) | Pulse-code modulation (PCM) | Pulse-density modulation (PDM) | Pulse-position modulation

16. Oscillators: Hartley | Armstrong | Clapp | Colpitts | Pierce | Phase-shift | Wien bridge | RC | LC

17. Modulation Methods:
17.1 Analog modulation methods: 
Angular modulation: Phase modulation (PM) | Frequency modulation (FM)
Amplitude modulation (AM): Double-sideband suppressed-carrier transmission (DSB-SC) | Single-sideband modulation (SSB, or SSB-AM) | Vestigial-sideband modulation (VSB, or VSB-AM) | Quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM)
17.2 Digital modulation methods: Phase-shift keying (PSK) | Frequency-shift keying (FSK) | Amplitude-shift keying (ASK) | Polar modulation | Continuous phase modulation (CPM) | Minimum-shift keying (MSK)

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